Kish Twin Towers presents one of Iran's most ambitious breakthroughs in luxurious waterfront residential development.  These 2 towers are 24 stories tall with each tower comprised of 3 wingstotalling 70,000sqm in total build-up area, housing 464 sophisticated new generation luxurious residential apartment along with a vast range of retail, with sleek and unique, modern buildings complementing traditional local architecture.
The Kish Twin Towers will represent luxury Island living and convenience at its finest.






Kish Mall the largest Shopping and Leisure destination in Kish Island
Our vision establishes Kish Mall at the forefront of Kish Island's tourist industry. Incorporating new ideologies of the shopping experience into practice, and seamlessly blending them with proven modern principles in a complex consisting of 6 Stories including 2 below ground parking and 4 above ground shopping and entertainment levels with a total build-up area more than 145,000sqm, and with retail spaces ranging from 20sqm to 2,200sqm and common areas totalling 60% of total build-up area, multiplex cinema and conference rooms, food court, kids play areas, restaurants, health and personal care services