Homaye Tehran;

Anboohsazane Homaye Tehran Prime Property Developers (Homaye Tehran),headquartered in Tehran, Iran,has grown over the years from a small construction company established in 1989, into a multi-million dollar corporation operating as one of the largest privately owned property developers in Iran. For more than a quarter of century Homaye Tehran has developed large mix used high-end luxury projects across the country, placing it firmly within the highest category of construction companies operating in Iran.

Working with leading world-acclaimed architects and design consultants has allowed Homaye Tehran to build a reputation for quality, consistency and meeting both deadlines and budget constraints.

Our specialized internal business divisions are responsible for project conception, planning, feasibility, site selection, project management, finance, engineering, procurement , construction and sales.

Today Homaye Tehran is among the largest fully integrated real-state and community development companies in the country, encompassing residential, commercial, and waterfront developments.

Homaye Tehran's sustainable development approach, timely delivery and handover of projects, commitment to quality and our core values have made it possible for  Homaye Tehran to become the first Property Developer in Iran to receive four 'best in class' industry recognitions with ISO and OHSAS certifications.



Our Mission;

Our mission is to improve the quality of people’s lives by our values and code of conduct, as well as making sure that our community sees the evidence of our commitment to our ethos of “promising is delivering”.


Our Vision;

Homaye Tehran’s vision is to establish ourselves as the leading developer in the luxury segment of the Iranian real estate market. 


Our Name;

Our name encompasses our brand. In the Persian language Homay(هما)translates to "Griffin". A legendary creature from Persian (Iranian) myth, the creature was powerful and majestic, known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions. In antiquity it was a symbol of divine power and a guardian of the divine.


Our Brand;

Homaye Tehran has become known as leading developer of high-end luxury projects, as well as the name behind some of the most acclaimed residential and commercial developments in Iran.


Homaye Tehran’s management;

Our team consists of Engineers, Finance and Real Estate Professionals with varied backgrounds in construction and the real-state industry. With over twenty five years of market presence, the management team has the experience, knowledge and resources required to properly plan, design, manage, build and develop high quality properties. 

Homaye Tehran is a pioneering community developer that offers integrated and holistic services in real estate, retail, and property management. We take pride in our multiple roles–acting simultaneously as planner, builder, and property owner– by employing only the most experienced and talented individuals available to apply their full potential in the pursuit of excellence.