Creating value through Sustainable Development

Homaye Tehran's sustainable development approach is part of our core policy aimed at boosting all-round performance and growth, above and beyond the technical and economic quality of our projects. Our goal is to enhance their social, societal and environmental added value by providing solutions that simultaneously meet the short and long-term needs of our clients, share holders, users and address issues facing society and community as a whole.


To achieve this goal Homaye Tehran has engaged with community leaders and organizations as well as our share holders, employees and end users in developing procedures and tools enabling us to achieve and maintain sustainability in each of our companies divisions and projects, these tools allow measurable results in different categories relating to the workforce, the environment and social responsibility. The procedures are both an approach and a tool designed to help operational managers and their respective management committee's and staff to work together in planning and addressing issues by measuring their impact, progress and rank their priorities in line with the issues and challenges specific to the company's activity.


Workforce Performance

Health, safety and quality of life in the workplace.   
Career development.
Diversity and equality.
Remuneration and social protection.
Dialogue between management and labour.
OHSAS 18001 Occupational health and safety management.


Environmental Performance

Value creation and environment.
Reduction of bio-hazards and greenhouse gases.
Reduced environmental impact.
Energy efficiency.
ISO 50001 Energy management.


Social Performance

Dialogue between management and local community.
Civic engagement.
Long-term customer relations.
Long-term vendor relations.
Compliance with ethical standards.
Contribution to local and regional development.
Human rights.
ISO 9001 Quality management.
ISO 10002 Customer satisfaction.